Greg Kristianson
From: Calgary, Ab
Instrument: Bass, Background Vocals
Vitals: Blue eyes,brown hair, 5'8"/1.75 meters tall

Since acquiring his first Kiss album ("Dynasty" for those dying to know) at the age of three and a half, Greg Kristianson's unyeilding focus in life has been centered around music, both as a fan and performer. As a youngster growing up outside of Winnipeg, Greg got his start on piano, and with the onset of adolescence (after moving to Victoria at age 11), picked up the Clarine t and Saxophone while participating in the school band. While Greg excelled in these musical endeavors, his real passion was rock and heavy metal, being heavily influenced by Kiss, Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., and Iron Maiden. Upon entering junior high, Greg was introduced to underground thrash bands such as Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Celtic Frost, and, most notably Metallica; mezmerized by the uncompromising originality of these bands, and in particular the unique bass stylings of Cliff Burton, Greg got his first bass in grade 9 and worked dilligently at it, taking his cue from players such as Burton, Jason Newsted, Duff McKagan, and Michael Anthony in carving his own path on the instrument. Greg went on to play in several party bands through high school before hooking up with Victoria's Bovine Love Jelly after graduation, appearing with them on two self-produced EP's and opening for such bands as Sloan and Dread Zeppelin. In 1993, Greg made a daring sw itch, laying his electric bass down for the better part of eight years to focus on the String Bass.

Greg's studies on the String Bass led him first to Winnipeg, where in 1998 he graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from the University of Manitoba. From there it was on to Calgary, where for two years he freelanced with a number of Orchestras and ensembles across southern Alberta and B.C. During this period, he also participated in two summer residency programs at the reknowned Banff Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2001, Greg was accepted to Michigan State University on a full Graduate Assistantship to pursue his Master's Degree in Music. While working on his degree (completed in 2003) , Greg was an active player, performing as a section player and section leader in some of the Midwestern U.S.'s premeier Symphony Orchestras. It was during this period that Greg Befriended many people active in the Michigan independent Metal scene, and after much persuasion, picked up the Electric Bass again to take on duties as the Bassist for Lansing Michigan's premiere Progressive/ Black Metal outfit Trisitesse, who, during their existence, opened for such Metal luminaries as Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and most notably Opeth.

Family issues led Greg back to Calgary in early 2004, and it wasn't until a year later that Greg found a musical home with Calgary rockers Superego, a band he continues to perform with. With the departure of Bassist Neil Ross (and after a gruelling audition!), Greg was asked to become a member of Disposable Heroes, and in doing so, fulfilled a longstanding personal wish to have a group of individuals to share in his passion of playing the amazing music of Metallica. On top of his duties with Disposable Heroes and Superego, Greg keeps extra busy continuing to freelance with various orchestras and cover bands in Alberta and B.C.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Dream Theater, Evergrey, Rush, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Opeth, Frank Zappa, Devin Townsend, and The Police to name but a few...

Bass Influences: Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, John Myung, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, Duff McKagan, Michael Anthony, Paul McCartney.

 Ibanez BTB 4 and 5-String basses
 Boss ME-50B bass multi-effects unit
 Peavey Pro-500
 Peavey 4x10 and 1x15 TVX enclosures
 Dunlop Custom Nylon Picks
 Dean Markley Strings
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